Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breakin' up is hard to do

Is there ever really a good time to give up an addiction? Um...let me think...no. The answer is no. My addiction was Coke (the soda, not the drug). Beautiful, full sugared Coke in the sexy red can. We were so very close, too close according to the results of my blood sugar test. Sooooo, we parted ways. I’ve seen my former lover in the grocery store, the convenient store, in the vending machine where I work, and at every freakin’ fast food joint in my area. It makes my period of mourning slightly difficult.
I have found a new paramour, but I don’t love him as much as I did Coke. Of course, he’s related to Coke...his name is Coke Zero Cherry. Dating your former love’s cousin or brother or ugly step sibling can be rough. It can (and does) leave a bad taste in your mouth. I am told, in time, I will  love my new friend as much as I loved the other one...In time, I will think my old fling was syrupy and too sweet and just downright disgusting.
I don’t believe it. I know I will mourn the loss of Coke for eternity. We are star crossed lovers...not meant to be together in the end.
How in the hell does this relate to writing or my book? It doesn’t. I’ve never blogged before and I’ve already pimped myself blind on Facebook, so I thought I’d write about dating carbonated beverages. I do write romances, but all of mine have happy endings...not this one.
I will miss you, Coke. I know in time you will forget me, but we had a good run while it lasted....


  1. Robyn --I feel your pain. In order to lose the extra, um, fluff around my waist I gave up my love -- Pepsi of the red, white and blue can. I went to Pepsi One since it has Splenda and not the evil aspartame (my hubby is a doc, he can tell horror stories about aspartame). And it took time, but I acquired the taste with the added addition of fresh limes and lost thirty pounds which took care of my waist line, my muffin top, and some other fatty areas women always angst about (does the phrase --"Do these pants make my butt look big?" sound familiar?

    So, yes, the red, white and blue can still calls to me -- but I like being two dress sizes smaller -- so I resist. My new addiction -- cause we addicts always find something -- Ritter's Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. Since it is harder to find than Pepsi, I am still two dress sizes smaller and holding.

    Solidarity, sister -- if you feel that slippery slope back to Coke, call me. I will talk you out of it. -- Moni

  2. I was addicted to vanilla cokes in high school. I'd rather drink them than eat. So I totally understand where you're coming from.

    But you will feel better, especially if your sugar is up.

    And you will grow used to the sugarless variety. It will never take the place of your first love but sometimes you just have to settle for second best if the guy- coke isn't good for you.