Friday, February 15, 2013

GENITALS ON FIRE???? Noooo, Pens on Fire!!!!

Ooookay, several friends thought this said Penis on Fire.....when I first saw it, I did too. BUT IT'S NOT!! That would be awkward and unpleasant and illegal. It's Pens...Pens on Fire and I will be there. I encourage all of you in the area to come and see if I can get through talking about HOW HARD CAN IT BE? without saying any potty words. I can. Yes, I can.
There will be some cool authors joining me and people will be signing their book. I will sign your Kindle or your Nook or your hand or your left butt cheek. Kidding! I think that might be illegal. If you're interested you can follow the link below and sign up!

If you haven't read HOW HARD CAN IT BE? get a copy and I will challenge you to the pork sword game! Don't ask unless you really want to know......

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  1. As much as Penis' On Fire could be both hilarious and horrific..... This panel is sure to be entertaining - With this talented and diverse group, it will be a wonderful afternoon. I will be there.... Candace

  2. It was great meeting you this afternoon...Pens, Peni,'s hot!

    1. Great meeting you too!!!! Thanks for coming!